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Katia was born in Bari in 1979. She began studying voice with several teachers at music academies in her hometown, with a focus on vocal technique. She collaborated with musicians and bands at concerts, private parties, weddings and other events in the city of Bari. In 2012 she enrolled in the jazz vocal program at the Conservatory of Bari "Niccolò Piccinni". The same year she took part in the Voice Craft vocology course organized by Elisa Turlà in Bari.In 2013 she started studying vocal technique , learning the Speech Level Singing method. In 2014 and 2015 she attended some masterclasses to deepen her knowledge of vocal function and pedagogy. In 2015 she studied modern piano accompaniment and harmony at the private academy “Il Pentagramma”. The same year, she was accepted by the IVA (Institute for Vocal Advancement) of Las Vegas, USA, to start the certification program for voice teachers, and on the 1st day of December 2016 she became a certified IVA instructor. The IVA method has the same pedagogical approach that she had studied in the previous couple of years, based on the Italian Bel Canto, which aims at a natural and easy way of singing. This method has been used by the greatest American artists, like Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, Anita Baker and many more. Thanks to this method, Katia improved her vocal technique and her teaching approach, learning from Jeffrey Skouson, Master Teacher and founder of the IVA, vocal coach of the Imagine Dragons and many other bands and Broadway stars, and from Stephanie Borm-Krueger, known as one of the best vocal coaches in the world and vocal coach of

The Voice of Germany. Katia since then has continued studying with Greg Enriquez, world-class vocal coach of the great Celine Dion. In 2016 she attended the masterclass of the prof. Franco Fussi on vocal registers and voice warm-up.

In January 2018 she was nominated IVA Area Representative of Italy and Malta, becoming the coordinator of IVA teachers in this area and the reference point for anybody who wants to learn more or take part in the certification program for voice teachers of the IVA method.

In 2018 she join the web magazine Faremusic.it as music reviewer. The magazine born from an Mara Maionchi and Alberto Salerno project with  Mela Giannini as director.

Training history

Year 2012 “Estill Voice Craft” course with Elisa Turlà

Year 2014 -  2015 Masterclass of the Speech Level Singing method

Year 2016 - V-IVAcon International Conference for Singers in Rome (Institute for Vocal Advancement)

Year 2016 - Masterclass of Vocal Physiology with Prof. Franco Fussi

Year 2016 - Masterclass of Pop and Jazz style with Mario Rosini

Year 2016 - Masterclass of “Performance techniques on stage” with Dr, Giorgia Giuntoli 

Year 2016 -Masterclass of Gospel singing with Timothy Martin

Year 2016 - Elective Course “Voice Care and Wellness in our Studios" with Alida Annicchiarico 

Year 2017 - Convention Il Viaggio della Voce - Masterclass of vocal technique and interpretation with Prof. Franco Fussi - Eleonora Bruni - Lisa Angelico

Year 2017 - Elective course “Training the professional Speaker” with Andres Martorell

Year 2017 - Masterclass with Greg Enriquez “Warm-up, stretching and strengthening for different styles” - “from vocal therapy to teaching singing: two worlds that come together (vocal coach of Celine Dion) 

Year 2017 - Training with Eleonora Bruni - Theoretical and practical perfection course for singers and 

voice teachers

Year 2018 - 21 - 28 April - IVACON EDIMBURGH 2018 - International conference for singing teachers of the Vocal Advancement method

Year 2018 - April - Edimburgh - "How does the human voice develop and change across the lifespan from birth to elderly?" - "What is the latest research in singing and where is voice education going?"- Prof. Graham Welch

Year 2018 - Teaching the classical voice- Course to teach voices in the opera style with Jeffrey McEvoy

Year 2019- May - Baden (Austria) - Ivacon - International conference for singing teacher of the Vocaladvancemet method

Year 2019- May - Baden Austria - "Combine workout and singing with VOXXBODY - Charles Simmons

Year 2019- May - Baden Austria - How does the brain influence singing?- Prof. Boris Kleber

Year 2019 - May - Baden Austria- Teaching vocal effect - Ariel Coelho

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