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  • I have never taken singing lessons.  Is this method for me?
    You can take singing lessons even if you have never done so in your life. It doesn't matter wich level you start at.
  • Are online lessons as effective as in-studio one?
    Yes of course! This is possible thanks to my Cause & Effect teaching method. The exercises are tailored to each student's individual needs. It's not only you use your voice that matters, but also hwo your vocal folds are structured. Each voice has to respect its structure, colour, volume and texture, that change from one person to another. Please check out the results of some of my online students in the video below, or read their testimonials WATCH MORE VIDEOS
  • Is there an age limit to start voice lessons?
    There is no age limit and it is never too late to do so. The only "must have" for all ages is the health of one's vocal folds.
  • Will I learn how to use diaphragm with this method?
    With this method, correct breathing becomes the consequence of the correct use of the voice and not vice versa. We refer in particular to what in Italian is called "Appoggio", wich is the phase that is involved when we speak and sing. When vocal exercise are correctly created, the breathing is automatically regulate. For more information, please read my blog article "All because of the diaphragm"
  • What is mixed voice or mix technique?
    The mix is a skill that the singer develops, that is being able to sing from their chest voice (low pitch) to the head voice (high pitch) without a difference in vocal quality and without flipping in to falsetto. For example, think to voices like Whitney Houston and Steve Wonder. And among the Italian singers- Luciano Pavarotti, Franco Corelli, Beniamino Gigli and many others. This technique is developed thanks to the use of simple vocalizes that help the student to familiarize themselves with the correct vocal sensation, wich will then be applied to songs. To learn more, please read my blog article " How to sing effortlessly through the passages"
  • Can you learn to sing by imitating?
    The practice of imitation can work if you want to practise a style, while it is very dangerous for the health of the vocal cords if you want to imitate the sound of another voice. Each of us has a specific vocal structure, wich changes from person to person. Vocal training cannot be the same for everyone, and must be tailored to each individual instrument. A vocal coach should not have a handbook of standard exercises to apply to everyone and must be able to diagnose a voice in order to plan an appropriate educational path. To learn more about the subject, please read the article of my Blog " Learning to sing: exercises vs songs"
  • How long does it take to see resuslts?
    Each student has their own path and takes their own time. But the first changes in the voice can already be heard during the first lesson. Progress will depend a lot on how much the student dedicates to their training. Each singing lesson must be recorded, so the student will have the opportunity to train following the current lesson. The more time the student dedicates to the vocalizes in order to familiarizing themselves with the correct vocal sensation, the faster the student will develop their vocal skills.
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