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"Katia is an excellent teacher. She has a deep knowledge of the voice and is able to give singers all the tools they need to get the most out of their voice. The passion for her work and her empathy set her apart. What more? Try taking a lesson with her! You won’t be disappointed!"


Luana Maso

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"I highly recommend the teacher Katia Losito, with her professionalism and dedication to each student. I have been trying the method via Skype, because of the distance. I have to admit, I was a little hesitant, but Katia's care for the voice reached me even through the Internet. I always have many questions to ask, and she is ready to answer impeccably. In just a few lessons I noticed big improvements, and a free, clear voice. What can I say! I will continue to follow this path to keep improving, knowing that I am guided by a competent person of sound values."


Martino Stripoli


"Amazing teacher, empathetic and never rushing, respectful of learning times. Glad to have met her. I recommend a trial lesson to everybody, you will see improvements right away. INCREDIBLE !!! Great method !!!"


Pierpaolo Lisco 


"In addition to being a very good and valid singing teacher who knows the "Voice" instrument in depth, I find that Katia is an exceptionally empathic and loving human being. I think that a singing teacher must know how to look beyond, establishing a certain feeling with the student. It is only with empathy and putting yourself in the other person's shoes,  that a complete expansion and liberation of the Voice is possible! All this is Katia Losito for me."


Giada Cracco


"I met Katia two years ago and since then I have never left her. At first I was skeptical on whether her method was right and led to good results, but it didn't take long for me to experience something completely new and healthy, that changed my mind. My vocal skills have grown lesson by lesson without me realizing it, making great progress in a very short time. If today I can sing with greater ease and confidence and call myself a singer, I owe it to Katia."


Federico Zulato

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"Katia is a professional and she works with great passion. To be honest, at the beginning I was skeptical of the lessons via Skype, but then she changed my mind. In very few lessons my voice changed, finding ease in the high notes, improvements in the tone, stability, power and I don't get tired anymore. But the most beautiful thing is that I feel a sense of well-being and not constriction unlike before. I had abandoned the passion for pop singing for years, dedicating myself to opera singing instead, because I couldn't find the teacher to help me fill my gaps. Some classified me as a baritone instead of a tenor, saying that the high register didn't belong to me. Others told me to breathe like a dog, or they made me get my hands on the piano and push, creating only tension ... and I could keep going. I can finally say that after many years I have found the right teacher. Thanks Katia."


Mario Tufano 

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"There aren't many words to describe Katia: with her support you can reach the maximum possible results. With each lesson you can see changes and progress. This is because of her great determination, dedication, and her evident competence. After several months of studying with her, I can say that it is useless to look for singing teachers elsewhere, Katia is the right person."


Francesca Somma 


Katia is a teacher with an edge. Her training is undeniable and the vocalises she suggested have allowed me to really improve my timbre, my vocal range and my stamina. But what she has is a gift, something you can’t learn from any book, really understanding what a voice needs, based on its history and its features.


Gerlando Pullara

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"Whether in singing or in life, when you can no longer do it yourself, you often need someone who believes in you, in order to find the courage to start over and go beyond the disappointments and limitations you have allowed others to build in you. Those who say they believe in your abilities, cannot just do it by saying "You will make it", but they will tell you how to do it, how to work on yourself, they will teach you not to give up at the first obstacles, but to develop your potential. They have the ability to make you discover what you didn't even know about yourself and had never imagined you could do. Thanks Katia, because you're doing it."


Debora Caito


"Already from the first lesson you can notice some amazing changes in the quality of your voice. I believe her method is truly revolutionary."


Rocco Manduzio


I had taken voice lessons for many years but I was always feeling like there were some gaps in my technique that were discouraging me. I could never understand how the passage from chest voice to head voice happened. I had been trained to "push" from the diaphragm and to think that singing was synonymous with strain and tension. One day I looked for help on the Internet and I ended up on Katia's blog. Her articles inspired me a lot. I was a bit skeptical regarding voice lessons on Skype but I decided to try. What can I say, I couldn't have made a better decision! Katia Losito is an exceptional vocal coach!! I feel that my voice is transformed after only a few online lessons and all the questions that were bothering me for years have been dissolved in very little time. Katia has the innate ability to transfer her knowledge to her students with passion and professionalism. Thanks to her, I'm discovering new sounds and reaching high notes with ease and power, something I used to consider impossible! I adore her teaching method and I adore the fact that she focuses on the correct vocal production, which has to happen in a natural way, without any kind of strain or tension. Other than being an incredible and super skilled vocal coach, she is also an amazing person, humble, sweet, who puts her students at ease and rejoices with them at every progress. I recommend her to everyone!!! 


Miriana Bianchi


"Katia is a truly special teacher and person, always ready to encourage you. With her teaching method she helps you explore colors previously unknown to the voice. I highly recommend her."


Marino Fiorentini


I believe Katia Losito to be one of the few really capable teachers left on Earth. For her teaching isn't a job but a calling. Her only concern? A perfectly connected and natural voice, without strain. The happiness of the student is her happiness. I've never seen a voice teacher acting like this, on the other hand I've seen many damaging others' vocal cords. With her the results come immediately and it's impossible not to understand her, since her way of explaining things is really easy. I won't change her for anybody and I suggest you hold onto her, the train only passes once in a lifetime. Katia I adore you!


Manola Zordan


"Katia is caring, professional and dedicated to the voice. I came home after so many technical exercises and after singing for so long without feeling the slightest tiredness. I was finally listening to my voice explode in all its extension, knowing all my potential, knowing my voice. She takes the singer out of the way and leaves only space for the voice. Thanks Katia! "


Gianni De Pascalis


“SING WHAT YOU WANT, NOT ONLY WHAT YOU CAN.” This is the spirit that you breathe in the vocal training lessons with Katia Losito. From the vocal technique to the sensations you feel while singing a song, Katia guides you through the entire journey with passion, professionalism and immeasurable humility: not just a simple "voice lesson" but a real "vocal regeneration" and rediscovery of one's real artistic identity. Miracles do exist.


Ruben Corsini


Choosing a voice teacher isn't simple. You need someone who knows how to train you technically, without harming the vocal cords, someone who knows how to encourage you to do always better, without discouraging you and crashing your dream. When I met Katia, I had the feeling she was the right one... but now I'm sure of it, she IS the right teacher! We do lessons on Skype, and although very little time has passed since the beginning, I notice some fantastic vocal improvements! The voice grows, I've finally learned what the vocal registers really are, and I can reach high tessituras that I didn't even know I could sing. The IVA method is amazing, Katia even more. You have found the teacher for you.


Damiano Graps 


Well what can I say, Katia is excellent in her work to say the least. And I don't say it just to say something, to make a good impression or simply to advertise. I can assure you I had taken voice lessons before, but the breathing technique, purely operatic, with the sound in the mask, and the grin they tell you to do hadn't helped me at all, quite the opposite. I had always wanted to sing songs in my full voice, to get my grit through and nothing, I had convinced myself that it was impossible for me, that probably it was a method used only by certain academies or that only somebody with a lot of money could afford it, like famous singers. And then nothing, I found Katia by chance because the Vocal Advancement method intrigued me. It only took one lesson to get me to continue. She's always cheerful, with a smile on her lips and most importantly she's always encouraging, and this helps a lot on an emotional level. The exercises are different and innovative at every lesson, and it's incredible that they work. On a technical level she is really well trained. Only a few lessons and I don't know how I'm even able to hit certain notes. I take lessons through Skype but I assure you, other than for my own confort, they are effective just the same and at first I used to be a bit skeptical but trust me, they're worth just the same.
I'm going to end this by saying that I'm really happy and also amazed because I didn't expect to be able to sing the songs I had always wanted to sing. It only takes commitment, constancy, training and passion. Katia will help you with the rest!


Federica De Robertis


I've been taking voice lessons with Katia for less than a year. It all started by chance, with my will to discover my real voice. I had never sung before and didn't know what it was. In a year my voice has developed impressively, so much that sometimes it's hard for me to recognize it, considering the level I started from which was "No Chest". I never thought I would be able to sing songs by Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Celine Dion, Freddie Mercury with a certain "ease". Katia's professionalism is undeniable, she is a very skilled teacher. That being said I think that what sets her apart from the rest is her innate ability to teach and to understand the real limitations of the student allowing him to overcome them. Honestly I don't believe I'd have reached the same results with another teacher, because knowing how to sing is one thing, but being able to teach how to sing is something else. I highly recommend her. Even just from the first lesson you'll notice small changes in your voice and you'll be able to see for yourself the effectiveness of her method.


Eliana Salvemini


Mine has been a tough journey in music.

Because of my insecurities I’ve always seen what I love the most as something wrong and not suitable for me.

Today, though, I’ve figured out why: every teacher I tried working with couldn’t understand my vocal timbre and even though I was taking lessons, I never felt sure about what I was doing and didn’t feel like I was mastering the use of my voice. Then one day I met Katia. I admit I was a bit skeptical at first since I was living very far from Bari and could only take Skype lessons, but my curiosity was so strong that I wanted to try at all costs! I can say in all honesty that with Katia it was love at first sight. From the very first lesson I figured she was the right one, but most importantly she was DIFFERENT! She assigned me some exercises I had never done before. I’ve been working with her only for a few months and the results are impressive. I finally feel that my voice is MINE and today I consider myself lucky to be her student and wouldn’t change her for anyone else in the world! So don’t discard the idea of taking Skype lessons like I did, be brave and try!! I can assure you that with her professionalism Katia will make the lesson feel like an in person lesson even through a PC, that’s right, because the job of a teacher is not a simple one and most importantly it’s not for everyone, but Katia is worthy, artistically but more than anything HUMANELY.


Luisa Spadavecchia


Katia Losito? An exceptional person and an incomparable Coach. Before meeting her I had only taken a few voice lessons that had totally discouraged me. When I met Katia I was moved even just by hearing her talk about what she does and I told myself: "Why not try?". Needless to say, from the first moment of the lesson I was captivated! I was really struggling in the use of my voice, especially with the insecurity, but with her I started to be less afraid to use this gift that's been given to me. Only someone who loves singing with all his being can understand the emotions you can feel when discovering a voice that's always been inside you, and what's beautiful about Katia is that she is moved just as much as the person in front of her! You can perceive it right away that she loves what she does. Seeing is believing!


Erika Carillo


What can I say... when you put together professionalism, passion and enthusiasm in a form of art as beautiful as music, everything becomes beautiful and satisfying, Katia is able to do this with unique spontaneity! I had initially begun my journey with her only to get some suggestions on my elocution, and then, with only the first lesson she was able to open up a world for me, the ability to REALLY sing, and doing it without strain. I thought it wasn't possible... Thank you Katia and I hope many more people will be able to try this exciting experience, remembering that God has given us a wonderful gift, the VOICE, the only instrument not created by man and at the same time the most powerful and elaborate of all!


Francesco Galasso


Finding a teacher that creates and personalizes the exercises based on the needs and vocal features of the student is really exciting! The IVA method used by Katia is unique and effective. In only a few lessons I've reached some results with my voice that I never thought I could get in terms of range and vocal timbre... also, the cheerfulness and the love for music that Katia conveys, make the lessons absolutely fun! I can't wait to find out what else I'll be able to sing!


Miriam Greco


I had started collecting information about various singing schools and various methods around, to learn the vocal technique in a very easy but effective way so that I could follow one of my biggest passions in life. Katia talked to me about the IVA method so I started taking the first lessons. I have to say that I had never taken voice lessons before but this method surprised me in all respects. Right from the first lessons I was surprised by how, after only a few exercises, I was able to reach really high notes beyond my imagination, feeling a substantial change of voice even in my speech. Shortly thereafter I understood that this method was going to give me great satisfaction, just like it's still doing now. I've been able to sing songs that in the past I would have only dreamed about singing, and I still think I wouldn't change what I'm learning from this method for any other kind of exercises. A very positive judgement goes also to my vocal coach Katia Losito, who has been able to identify right away the gaps in my vocal technique and has turned them into strengths, improving my technique by miles. How can one be more satisfied than this? 


Alessandro Pedone


I met Katia Losito through a friend. One day I told her I was hearing her sing in a different way... a better way. She talked to me about this new method. 
From the first lesson I noticed a big difference in the sounds of my voice. A lot of power without effort... I wasn't feeling fatigue or strain... I had a lot of fun. Also, what convinced me even more is the generosity with which Katia expresses her knowledge. It's a really satisfying journey...


Rebecca Cosma 


I met Katia through a friend who had said good things about her to me, explaining that his singing voice had improved thanks to the lessons he had taken with her... I decided to start this journey out of curiosity. I didn't know the IVA method... if not thanks to Katia, who made me understand, even with just a few lessons, how much difference there was between the method I was using to sing in the past and the current one. The voice lessons are always a surprise for me, both for the beautiful relationship I developed with Katia, and for her good training and expertise. She's also managing to work on my self-esteem, which I was losing more and more, since I had been neglecting my great passion for singing for too much time. I've been able to observe right away how the sound of my voice has changed, and also the power in various songs; but most importantly I've also been able to execute difficult songs.


Simona Tedone 


I browsed the website and the IVA method fascinated me, after all it was just what I was looking for: singing with ease. In October I took the first evaluation lesson, what can I say? ...It has since become a regular appointment once a week! A space for myself in which to discover my voice in an encouraging, fun and professional atmosphere.The lesson is tailored like a dress and is different each time based on what you need at that moment. I really like the feeling of growing vocally from one lesson to another. I am discovering how it is possible to reach a vocal production that is powerful and in tune without any effort. Sometimes I am amazed by my own voice! During the lesson Katia, through the exercises, guides me to experiment with a sound that is every time more powerful, full and easy to produce. Then at home I repeat the exercises we did during the lesson and it's just as if what I experienced with her is reinforced and my body memorizes it, it seems like magic! I didn't imagine it would be so simple and enjoyable. At the end of every lesson we dedicate some time to songs. It's incredible how much the exercises are a preparation to the song: often before singing the song with the words we use the vocalises we did as an exercise, and that way, in a totally natural manner, moving to the lyrics happens easily. I didn't think it would be possible to hear my voice sound so clear, clean, powerful and beautiful is such a short amount of time (about ten lessons)! The progress is evident and extremely enjoyable. Katia conveyed to me her love for teaching, her sensitivity and passion for life in general from the very first moment... today I can confirm it and add that without a teacher whose mission is to be of service to others with dedication, no student could grow and learn. I recommend this experience not only to those who, like me, do it for passion, but also to those who have been singing for a while because I think it's really an interesting journey.


Stefania Curci 


I was looking for a real professional, but without success. One day a really good friend of mine talked to me about a new project that Katia was bringing to Italy: a new vocal technique to learn to sing like a real professional. I made an appointment to start this new journey and immediately realized that the long-awaited moment had finally arrived. Well, what can I say, today after only about 8 lessons, I have truly discovered that my voice has changed completely, leaving me amazed. I thought I wasn't born to sing, because many times I hadn't been able to sing the highest notes. I used to change the key of the songs to be able to sing them, but anyway I always came out of it feeling defeated. Not anymore! And believe me! I suggest you take only one lesson, and you'll acknowledge everything I have written, I bear witness to that. Today I can finally say that I have chosen the right person. I'm already at a good level and singing has become easier than before, and I look so much forward to every lesson. Thank you so much Katia.


Domenico Colasuonno

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